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Hank Houston says, “My crazy writer tells me that focusing on the history is a waste of time, that it’s all a politic thing now. That may be true, as Brian Kilmead’s current and recent Nat Geo series LEGENDS & LIES perpetuates the false history to the point that begs the question, what in the episodes are the LIES? Focusing on the major historical figures, the narrative jumps around in time from 1860 to 1865. Always the focus is on slavery, Southern inhumane evil, Southerners starting the war, on and on.
In current media, there is no mention of other causes of secession, and if mentioned it is stated that it is a fiction of the “lost cause” of post war apologist southerners who are trying to alter past history. But none of recent media pieces mention some fairly important history. Yes, Mr. Lincoln was elected in November of 1860. Buchanan was still US President until March 25, 1861 the date of Lincoln’s Inauguration. That was almost five months after the election. Yes, states began seceding in December 1861. Why was that? The answer is not in the “Legends & Lies” series. Always focused on Washington, it is never mentioned that secession really happened in state legislatures.
Much of the misunderstanding revolves around the issue of history and what is written as history. A good discussion of this is in Clyde N. Wilson’s book Defending Dixie, published by Foundation for American Education in 2006.

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Spin or Unvarnished Truth?


Flipped on the TV this morning to GMA on ABC. The big news? The new polls on President elect’s handling of the transition. It was 40% on a graph comparing a half dozen other presidential transitions. Then the percent was higher for the two other polling questions on fixing the economy and fighting terrorism, both around 60%. Where do they get these? After the election and the exit poll debacle of all three major networks, and maybe four, how can anyone believe any poll results which are announced?
Back in the 1990s, George Stephanopoulos and James Carville in more than one documentary about the Clinton campaign and era, explain how they handled a problem by explaining, “How are we going to spin this.” Perhaps that was where the inception for the new TV show “SPIN CITY” with Michael J. Fox. 1996 – 2002
Is it all a matter of degree? While I have had a smattering of college classes in mass communication, political science, some history, oh, and don’t forget statistics ……several things come to mind. I am forced to dig up my old history by Garraty about Horace Greely and the 1860s press, Yellow Journalism and turn of 1900’s century Muck raking Press. Samuel Clemens comes to mind and his Virginia City journalism days in Roughing It make one wonder about truth in the press. Wasn’t there a raved about movie in early 1940s? Citizen Kane movie was about the negative influence of a press publisher, Supposedly about William Randolph Hearst who also supposedly ruined or sidetracked the career of Orsen Welles because of the film.
Then came TV and 1950s Madison Avenue, and the power of TV in the Nixon – Kennedy debate. It wasn’t even ten years after the 1960 election that CBS was spinning the false debacle of the 1968 Tet offensive in Vietnam.
I am not believing much in polls these days, exit polls or any others. No matter how you “skew the data.”
But a question still persists. At what point is SPIN turned into a LIE?

Let me know what you think.


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Civil War Revisited Event

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In one week is the annual Civil War Revisited event at Kearney Park, Fresno County, California. Co-hosted by Fresno Historical Society and American Civil War Association, it is still one of the premiere “annual” reenactment events in the state. There are close to a dozen reenactment organizations throughout California. While there is a tendency for those folks to attend their various events close to home, in the past, the Fresno/Kearney event has had groups from Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon join in with groups from Los Angeles and northern California.
The Fresno/Kearney event was started with the Civil War Reenactment Society working with Fresno Historical. CWRS is still attending and has members from Tulare, Kings, Fresno, and Madera Counties. I realize that it is a spectator event on many levels, but there is nothing like the thrill of participating and being a soldier, child, or civilian impression in the 1860s.
There are going to be hundreds of folks there to help you join up, and begin a reenacting experience. CWRS is more local, and ACWA is more northern California but has some members from Visalia too.
The School’s Education Day is Friday October 18. All are invited on October 19th and 20th next Saturday and Sunday. Drop by the tent of Lt. General W.S.L. Baylor, who I portray, next to Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s Command tent in the Confederate Camp. Baylor was Jackson’s Adjutant General in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

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