Pool Boy Day

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Have not written anything in over a week. Sounds like a personal problem, and it was, or still is. Story here? Today I am back to being “Pool Boy” again. Six month cleaning of filter tank is the norm. Last summer I rebuilt the backwash valve stack. It leaked from the top seal. Now, I can’t remove the backwash valves to do a new repair. Pool is running and clean, but, still have the leak. May have to call a guy.


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Brat Blog

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This is about Sunny Frazier’s guest blog THE ROOT OF THE MATTER at: http://cncbooksblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/the-root-of-the-matter/
She is comparing her WHERE ANGELS FEAR novel character Christy Bristol with her own years growing up as a “Navy brat.”
I commented there, but it is really good.
Other news here, is that coming up soon is another author interview. Next time with Aneta Cruz.
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