Artist, and retired biology, chemistry and physics teacher. A friend asked me once, “Which do you think is more important, science or art?” I answered that art used to be more important, when art was the expression of the knowledge and what was beleaved by past society; when the religious art had more influence than healers, before the Gutenberg press. I continued with …. “now science has become more important.” That was in 1965. But, still on reflection it is a senseless choice. And now I am not as sure of my old answer.

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  1. How about Science being important in helping us find out about ourselves and our universe and Art being important in helping us to express what we have learned and are learning about ourselves and our universe. I tend to think in simple terms.

  2. I APPRECIATED your coming by my Little Recovery Blog, so very sorry for your loss too. It hurts when we lose others we love to many Cunning Addictions. It is why I TRY to share a Message of *HOPE* to others. DEATH should NEVER have to be an Only Option 😦
    Blessings, Author, Catherine Lyon

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