Islands Painting

Art - by Desmond - Islands - May 22 - 2019 cropped

AVAILABLE NOW. This painting will “open up any room,” now matter the room size. 91 inches wide, it does need at least that much wall.

I had thought that this painting was “blogged about” in the past year, but I cannot find any blog about it in the files, so, here it is now.

Too, What I did find was the post on the art website of artbydesmond [dot] com – [the dot reference is so the hyper link is not created here.]
This is what was said there ……
58 x 91 inches – Oil and Acrylics on canvas – November 2018.
Update: May 8, 2019.
[ [ This May 8 “update” was deleted ….. No reason was given. TJD ]]

Now, November 5 .. 2019
Over at the Etsy shop of Art by Desmond, is the latest listing of the “Islands” painting. This done in oils and oil based enamel on latex sized wide duck cotton canvas, 58 inches high x 92 inches wide. That is 8 feet wide. The price last year was $2,018.00. It is now $1,385.00.
A real deal !!!!!
The Direct link is: ….

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Secesh 3 by Hank

Art - Blog photo - 1st national flag

Hank Houston says, “My crazy writer tells me that focusing on the history is a waste of time, that it’s all a politic thing now. That may be true, as Brian Kilmead’s current and recent Nat Geo series LEGENDS & LIES perpetuates the false history to the point that begs the question, what in the episodes are the LIES? Focusing on the major historical figures, the narrative jumps around in time from 1860 to 1865. Always the focus is on slavery, Southern inhumane evil, Southerners starting the war, on and on.
In current media, there is no mention of other causes of secession, and if mentioned it is stated that it is a fiction of the “lost cause” of post war apologist southerners who are trying to alter past history. But none of recent media pieces mention some fairly important history. Yes, Mr. Lincoln was elected in November of 1860. Buchanan was still US President until March 25, 1861 the date of Lincoln’s Inauguration. That was almost five months after the election. Yes, states began seceding in December 1861. Why was that? The answer is not in the “Legends & Lies” series. Always focused on Washington, it is never mentioned that secession really happened in state legislatures.
Much of the misunderstanding revolves around the issue of history and what is written as history. A good discussion of this is in Clyde N. Wilson’s book Defending Dixie, published by Foundation for American Education in 2006.

There is more ….
Thanks, Hank (aka The Doc)


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Hacking & Media

Interesting stuff this morning. On the news, there was a release of actor’s video encouraging the 2016 electors to vote their conscience, as their view of the US Constitution. Also the Intelligence community refusing to respond to a Congressional request for a closed door Intelligence Committee briefing on hacking. Also the news of the 2013 hacking of Yahoo. On top of that a short mention of hacking pointing to Turkey not Russia.

On the first point, there was also a brief mention that NOBODY is listening to or watching the major media. On the second point, the actors are asking the electors to ignore the will of the people in their respective states. The intel community is, well, who the hell knows, right? But the Yahoo thing hits closer to home. But, why released this now, three years later? Now, we don’t have a Yahoo account per se, but have AT&, which uses Yahoo, so I suppose that means us. We have been hacked in the past. Yes, and our Facebook page also.

The email hacking is interesting because here is a history of our hacking which seems to coincide with the 2013 thing: January 7, 2013, September 18, 2014, April 17, 2015, June 30, 2016, December 6, 2016. I cannot remember the dates of the two Facebook hackings, but have received many phishing requests from hacked friend sites.

The Turkey location piece did ring a bell also. Our VISA was hacked last February and it was from a source in Instanbul, Turkey. So, yeah, that news was interesting, personally. Our VISA was also hacked again this past October from a store in Stanislaus County which is ninety minutes north. We have no control of protecting ourselves from institutional or business systems like Home Depot, VISA, and Target.

Regarding major news media? I quit watching them as a source years ago. But, that’s just me, one guy.

Merry Christmas.


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UK and NSA

This headline news on AT&T & Yahoo online is remarkable as an example of “ignorance of corporate history.” Actually it is ignorance of any history. Why this was deemed such a news-breaking story is what is astounding. If one had read THE PUZZLE PALACE in the mid 1980s, it explains a lot of the connection of the UK to the USA ever since the revolution and in spite of War of 1812. We have always been allies and ever more so in the clandestine world of global intelligence from the cold war era to the present. The history of the NSA is given in detail in that publication also. The author made all the rounds on the talk shows of that era. For the news piece referenced today, go to:
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