Islands Painting

Art - by Desmond - Islands - May 22 - 2019 cropped

AVAILABLE NOW. This painting will “open up any room,” now matter the room size. 91 inches wide, it does need at least that much wall.

I had thought that this painting was “blogged about” in the past year, but I cannot find any blog about it in the files, so, here it is now.

Too, What I did find was the post on the art website of artbydesmond [dot] com – [the dot reference is so the hyper link is not created here.]
This is what was said there ……
58 x 91 inches – Oil and Acrylics on canvas – November 2018.
Update: May 8, 2019.
[ [ This May 8 “update” was deleted ….. No reason was given. TJD ]]

Now, November 5 .. 2019
Over at the Etsy shop of Art by Desmond, is the latest listing of the “Islands” painting. This done in oils and oil based enamel on latex sized wide duck cotton canvas, 58 inches high x 92 inches wide. That is 8 feet wide. The price last year was $2,018.00. It is now $1,385.00.
A real deal !!!!!
The Direct link is: ….

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Branches Books – Oakhurst

Art - for Branches Books blog

It’s with pleasure that I’ll be signing books at the Oakhurst “Junction Plaza” shop of Branches Books and Gifts. I believe all book stores need a boost. Anything I can do to help promote these business places, by reaching out to readers, followers, and friends seems an important thing. I know that one cannot always give a gift of books, because sometimes it is such a personal thing – to know what another enjoys reading.
Here’s a question. Do you find book shops romantic? Like the one in the movie Notting Hill? When I was last in London I never went to that neighborhood, but was near there several times at Paddington Station, Holland Park, and Kensington High Street. But, I’ve been in several bookstores like that. One was in Berkeley, south of Bancroft and west of College Avenue, on a corner, across from the Forum coffee house. Another was on Piedmont in Oakland. Another was in Clovis, Yes, the Book Barn.
Anyway, I’ll be at the Branches Books this Wednesday, August 13, at 5:30.
Anne Driscoll is the owner and the website is:

Junction Plaza Center
Phone: 559-641-2019
40282 Highway 41, Suite 14, Oakhurst CA 93644

See if you think this shop is as romantic as Notting Hill.

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