Short and Sweet Marketing Reference

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Short and sweet. After several weeks of sort of a hiatus on this site, there is now time to resume the discussion. It was not a vacation but a “writing period” of time. Four months if one counts the days.
What has come to my attention is a reference from author Sunny Frazier to some points to improve one’s book marketing. This reference is author/blogger Jane Friedman. Below are the four main points. The details about each of these are at her link below.

1. Use your website for hard selling. Do not lean on social media for hard selling.
2. Brainstorm a list of all the meaningful relationships you have—people who you can count on to read your e-mails. [This is the longest with directions to divide your list into three groups].
3. Brainstorm a list of all the gatekeepers to your readers with whom you do not have a relationship yet—specific individuals and specific websites/blogs.
4. Invest in professional design and presentation for all marketing and self-promotion materials.
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UK and NSA

This headline news on AT&T & Yahoo online is remarkable as an example of “ignorance of corporate history.” Actually it is ignorance of any history. Why this was deemed such a news-breaking story is what is astounding. If one had read THE PUZZLE PALACE in the mid 1980s, it explains a lot of the connection of the UK to the USA ever since the revolution and in spite of War of 1812. We have always been allies and ever more so in the clandestine world of global intelligence from the cold war era to the present. The history of the NSA is given in detail in that publication also. The author made all the rounds on the talk shows of that era. For the news piece referenced today, go to:
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