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There was once a fellow with whom I had grown up with in the blue sky, sunny, valley days of our one high school town. Our families were close. There is a 1924 photo of our fathers together as they were kids playing on a railroad flatcar in the Sierra lumber camp known as Sugar Pine. We probably had sneaked sips of Lucky Lager at barbecues, and looked for nut grass to eat as we played hide-and-seek in his dad’s cotton field. The bolls were still green. Then, as happens many times, we drifted apart as college, jobs, and work forced different demands on place and location. What I do remember is that my friend worked as a “PR” man for many years in a different state. I do not know for which company.
When I think of “PR” – public relations, I also think of the Jack Lemmon movie Days of Wine and Roses where he is the PR fellow for a company. There party promoting entertainment guru for his company loses everything because of drinking. I often wondered how guys in real PR jobs thought of that portrayal. I realize that many things have changed about PR with companies, and ever more so, in the “dot com” era since the ‘90s. I have in my hands a 2003 paper back about published author’s promotion. As the title implies, there is no assumption of a PR support from one’s publisher, and the subtitle for this anthology is “Marketing Tips by Published Authors.” I think I bought it in 2004 or 2005, but I am trying to see if it is in an ebook or on line someplace, in order to give reference, before I write the actual title here.
More later, on the various points in this PR book, but as a thought, how is your professional “self PR” going?
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