Memorial 4

Andrew Firebaugh Marker Memorial Day 2013 is approaching and many of us will be going to certain memorial events around the area. Fresno County has had its share of veterans and one that stands out is an early pioneer named Andrew Firebaugh. Many west side folks and City of Firebaugh residents in particular know of his history. From his migration from Virginia to Texas, being a recruit in the army there that went into Monterey during the Mexican war made him a veteran of two flags, Texas and United States. His later migration to California is no less remarkable and he was a member of Major James Savage’s regiment that was the first to enter and discover Yosemite Valley in modern history.
Andrew Firebaugh’s burial place in the foothills east of Clovis, California, is worthy of a visit on Memorial Day as he is a true old veteran of a remarkable era. I doubt any will look up his place of rest. The grave site is on private property, and visible from Tollhouse road and about a mile from Humphreys Station. The remarkable thing, also, is that the grave site is marked on the USGS topographic map titled Humphreys Station Quadrangle. However, if one goes to any memorial on that day, one honors all of the veterans.
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