Talk & Signing – Library Venue

This is either a midway event of the 2017 summer book tour or an early start for the fall tour. It is only …. one week away from the BOOK TALK AND SIGNING at Woodward Park Branch of Fresno County Library.

While the flyer has only THE DOC book cover, [[ as the sequel to that book is due out this October ]], I will have the Pappy Butler & his Zero Time Theory book there as well. I will be talking about it all. So Mark your calendars for Wednesday July 26 – 7:00 PM.

Flyer from Fresno County library below …….

When a dying friend and fellow Civil War reenactor asks physician Hank Houston to find his daughter’s killer, the last thing he expected to uncover was a U.S. murder squad being run by Homeland Security, and this black ops unit is determined not to be exposed!
As Hank gets closer to the truth, he discovers just how far they will go to hide all their dirty little secrets.
Local author Tim Desmond discusses this book and his newest book Pappy Butler & His Zero Time Theory!

July 26
Woodward Park Regional Library
944 E. Perrin |

Hope to see you there.
Timothy J. Desmond
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Self Promotion 3

Copy of Tim at Visalia Signing 2012
One older blog began with one sentence and was not finished. “Much of the latest focus on author promotions is weeding out “time wasting” exercises in ego stroking endeavors.” That was in may. I had written about it in a blog in last June titled Vanity Event. I wasn’t sure if book signings were that much a waste of time, as was being suggested. The other one, blog, got sidetracked for a number of reasons, but one reason was that I was trying to research the origin of that terms for ego stroking endeavors and vanity event.. And I had no luck in finding the origin. But, I had, subsequently, a discussion with another author about this, and it was a link in that June piece. It revolved around the fact that if you are having a book signing event, that it is an ego and vanity massaging event.
It is entirely possible that the first event one does is a vanity or ego thing. I freely admit it, and that first event. But, if one is shocked by the lack of sales at that first event where you don’t really sell thirty copies, the ego and vanity hit a brick wall. The ice breaking first book signing is simply that, the first book signing. After that, when other book signings are arranged, there is a more realistic view, expectation and, well, work. A signing event leads to discussions, speaking events, interviews, and each of these is growing an audience of sorts. I realize this is addressing having a book in print, and is not addressing the different promotional approach for an ebook – only – promotion. The last words on this, do you think it is a waste of time? I don’t think it is. Keep arranging events.
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PR for Authors

There was once a fellow with whom I had grown up with in the blue sky, sunny, valley days of our one high school town. Our families were close. There is a 1924 photo of our fathers together as they were kids playing on a railroad flatcar in the Sierra lumber camp known as Sugar Pine. We probably had sneaked sips of Lucky Lager at barbecues, and looked for nut grass to eat as we played hide-and-seek in his dad’s cotton field. The bolls were still green. Then, as happens many times, we drifted apart as college, jobs, and work forced different demands on place and location. What I do remember is that my friend worked as a “PR” man for many years in a different state. I do not know for which company.
When I think of “PR” – public relations, I also think of the Jack Lemmon movie Days of Wine and Roses where he is the PR fellow for a company. There party promoting entertainment guru for his company loses everything because of drinking. I often wondered how guys in real PR jobs thought of that portrayal. I realize that many things have changed about PR with companies, and ever more so, in the “dot com” era since the ‘90s. I have in my hands a 2003 paper back about published author’s promotion. As the title implies, there is no assumption of a PR support from one’s publisher, and the subtitle for this anthology is “Marketing Tips by Published Authors.” I think I bought it in 2004 or 2005, but I am trying to see if it is in an ebook or on line someplace, in order to give reference, before I write the actual title here.
More later, on the various points in this PR book, but as a thought, how is your professional “self PR” going?
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