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Art - cover The DocIn a recent blog it was said that self publishing and the changing marketing of print books in and by the publishing industry has caused a change in roles of authors. My comment was, “Good piece on growing changes in publishing, authorship, marketing and promotions. If there was a different perception in marketing print books compared to e-books – that now appears to be an illusion. Both versions need the same thing, and that is chatter, access, talk, presence in the blog-i-sphere, social audience and in the multi-media world of the industry we are working in. Keep it up here and on other sites. Thanks again.”
See that whole blog by Jerry D. Simmons here:
It seems to me that with one’s new stories, books, or articles, one still must be out there pitching to agents and editors. Self publishing may be a growing role, and carries with it a huge learning curve of what larger publishers deal with and all their needs and problems. What do you think? Do you still need an editor and an agent?
Timothy J. Desmond
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