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Art - Cover - Book - A Snitch in Time 2015
Sunny’s latest cover

A friend also, author Sunny Frazier has a new release. This is the third novel in her Christy Bristol Astrology Mystery series. A Snitch in Time is published by Black Opal Books. Besides her own authorship, Sunny heads up a group of writers and authors called “the Posse” which helps all of us fight the numbers, hone marketing skills, make connections, and increase our knowledge of this endeavor as a business. As a mentor for the art we do, she is a tireless cheerleader for many of us striving to write better and promote better.

Over at the fairly new blog for the San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime – The Mystery Blog of San Joaquin Sisters in Crime – has a concise piece about A Snitch in Time and a bit about Sunny too:

Sunny’s website is at: http://www.sunnyfrazier.com/index.html


PS: The “Triggered Book Study” is still going on. As they say, “Hang in there.”

Tim’s book also:
THE DOC ~ Revised Edition
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Cover Design by Jackson Cover Design
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Timothy J. Desmond
Amazon author page at: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00694KQQO
The Doc page and Writing at: http://timothydesmond.wordpress.com
Art at: http://artbydesmond.wordpress.com

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