Keyword Advice Number 2

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Perhaps this is all common knowledge in the blog-a-sphere, but from my point of view as a self taught, blogger, webmaster, author-media-marketer, I found it, as I said “fascinating.” If that’s a little nerdy, all right. I have my own techy problems as a non-techy.
On the discussion of meta tags and “key words” I came across the five year old, 2009, Google Webmaster Central site that apparently is still up-to-date. The main point is that Google does not use the keywords meta tags in web ranking. Explained is what Google does use, which is more of the page content words and the website description words. This was done in order to correct the meta tag abuse of people using meta tag words that had nothing to do with their page content.
The SEO [search engine optimization ] things are discussed with several of the comments and replies.
It is a short four question Q & A with one video link and a screenshot snippet link. There are two more links there and the 335 comments must go back five years. My comment was the most recent, with others that show immediately are various during the past year.

If this is of any help to you writers, authors, or other bloggers, drop me a note. Now, here is the question. Does this mean the pervious concern about “negative keywords” is a moot point at best?

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