Is Anybody There?

Blog – Is Anybody There?

About a writer’s time and writer’s following, there was a similar blog recently on another writer site, SHE WRITES. Also this is NaNoWriMo – for November 2012. I jumped in and I am very behind in my word number/stats department. Too, I have a blog here, but I have not blogged in weeks. No excuses…… am just not there. One thing about the promotions and the readership, another recent tip came up that makes sense. I am following half dozen writer sites if not more, so can’t remember the origin, but the tip is to WRITE COMMENTS IN THE BOX, not just click on the LIKE button. This may have come from a Facebook tip, as the rational was that there is so much traffic, that just a LIKE does not get forwarded or sent to all on a person’s or “others” friend or member list.” One writer, blogger, editor friend has mentioned this also with regard to writer sites. Log on and introduce yourself.

And it may be a reality that has been mentioned too, it takes time to build a “following.” It has surprised me how my friends list and followers list has grown, yet I still am not completely sure if that translates to “buyers” or “sells.” Check out KLOUT and LinkedIn.

I am still looking around out there….. “mike in hand”….. fingers at the keys ….. “Is anybody there?”

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