New Art Pages

Art - Hemingway House c2005 For WebsiteThere are two new art pages on the art website at  There are five items on each page.

They are placed at the top of the “left column” buttons. One reads: Hemingway House – Key West. There are explanations and captions about each photo. There is one painting of a Madera location on the Hemingway page. It was done around 1995 along the same time the portrait was done. Am debating whether to group the various item by “Years” done of the painting or whether to group by “Subject or content” of painting.

The other reads: Sculpture Beginnings. I do have five or six shots – all the way around each piece, and that is proper with a 3-D study. Decided to throw these up like this right now…… that is one shot of each sculpture. Again, too, there are captions that explain about each one.

Timothy J. Desmond
THE DOC, ebook conspiracy thriller novel at
SWIM THE RED RIVER short story at

Tim’s Amazon author page at:

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