The Rich

The rich have been in the news since the “Occupy” sit-ins.  Well, further back than that of course. Currently the 1% is being blogged about and referred to in “social media” circles.  Is it important to writers? Possibly.  Bookstores are affected by the economy and market trends. I got fairly beat up on a social media comment reply that went five or six rounds. The topic was the 1% and their fair share. You can see where this was going. The other person didn’t believe my point. It came down to neither accepting the other’s premise of the issue, referring to “anti-business” and the 1% rich not paying their “fair share”.  My first response is, “quit complaining and change the tax code.” We know how tough that is. I know there is rich and then there is “the rich.”  Are bookstores rich? Are independent shop owners the rich? Are publishers, the largest press houses a part of the 1%? The other economic factor ignored is that anyone’s money is not a static entity. One spends it. On might save or invest a certain percent. That invested amount gets spent in the other funds of those institutions. The spending goes to others in the local, state businesses, and across the country in online purchases. The money doesn’t stay. The rich, the 1% money gets spent too, back into system near and far, to businesses for purchases. The money they park is going into other earning funds.
I recall an F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway anecdote. Scott said, “I think there is something very different and special about the rich, don’t you?” Hem replied, “Yes. The rich have more money.”

That’s a good example of differing POV between artists in their time. And as the saying goes, “less is more,” they speak volumes. The so-called 1% aren’t any different from us.

Another starving artist signing off here.

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