This is a topic which brings up a memory of a distant college course I was in 1973. I as a zoology major and one of the required upper division/major courses was Human Ecology. The big issues for the previous early 70s years in biology and spilled out to the media was Stanford’s professor Erlich’s population control book ZPG – Zero Population Growth. This title wasn’t our text, but our text for the course was heavy with the same rational. One section gave a history – curiously from Africa – about the cultures that practiced infanticide as a method of their population control.

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Yes. During the lecture on this topic, the young, first year professor lost control of this class discussion, to some degree, as many in the class questioned this along many avenues from morality to legality. I understood that he, the prof, was presenting the concept as an adjunct of the text, but the students speaking up were vocal in rejecting the premise. I thought he had done all right in stating that it wasn’t his personal belief, but he soon left the room. When he did not return, the college president came in to address us about our poor treatment of the instructor. It was a memorable experience seeing that session unfold.

Your question also about “what’s next, the elderly…” is exactly where Nazi Germany took things in the 1930’s with their “medical solution” of euthanizing those infirmed and feeble minded. [The Nazi Doctors by Robert Jay Lifton]. This was legal there and before the war and before the camps and the final solution.

For the life of me I do not see why more people do not see the “population control” mentality as anti-life as a concept. This is exactly what is flawed about the carbon dioxide, CO2, emission restrictions. CO2 is a product of the living, and a need of plants like we need oxygen. The “carbon footprint” concept and people that push that are anti-life. I wrote that to our local paper four years ago. While the letter was printed it had no responses. Main stream media accepts the “carbon problem” as do many legislators. Prince Charles worried aloud about taking the commercial jet to the “states” instead of the Royal jet in order to “reduce the carbon foot print.” I think they are all mad. Can one vote madness out of office? I hope so.

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4 thoughts on “Infanticide

  1. Morning Tim
    Before I’d start worrying about population control in our lifetimes…I’ll fear the more simple ‘first’ steps like government ‘Gun Control’ and the like. Once we loose the 2nd we’re screwed from there. Once we loose the ability to rise up against a tyrannical Government ( If we so choose ) we have lost the game from there as a people, easily making way for population control. My mind drifts to an old movie Soilant Green?
    By the way, I knew that I liked you for a reason…my major was Waterfowl Biology! hahahah
    Take Care

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