Basic Plots

Basic Plots

The topic was the seven basic plots.

Overcoming a Monster, Voyage and return, Comedy, Tragedy, Rebirth, Rags to riches. There were many good comments and if you wish to read those and the original reference blog on the forum, see:

This got my attention straight away. It is endlessly interesting to me as a struggling wordsmith since 1964. Language use aside, I read of these seven items several years back. And if memory still serves me, the list I read was the basic “plots of Shakespeare.” And even if so, or not, the truths are there. Look how we are endlessly captured and entertained by the creative variations – indeed multitudes of variations and inventiveness of applying the basic plots. I believe it goes to, or comes to, format, design of, structure of the story. Then after that, one adds to the “structure” one’s individual characters, new scenes, colors, senses, and problems and solutions. There’s no “law” to break. At the beginning one creates their own structure. And, even if one believes that they create the structure at the end of their work, no matter, because what is on the previous pages has its own design …. good or bad.

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