On Blogging Brand


On the idea of blogging “brand” it has been advised as the best way for an author to build “platform.” And so, while this now addresses more than one concept, “brand” and “platform” I may be violating this sage advice. In fact I shouldn’t even be blogging on brand because my announced brand has been “conspiracies” and therefore I am straying into the writing problems of blogging. On “brand” of yours, it could be the genre of your major work, or a focus on marketing, or writing style. The key, as I understand it, and has been blogged before by others, is that the narrower your range of topics, the more focused you will be. And, no matter what that focus is, it is more effective to keep to that central “topic of yours.” I don’t claim to be the marketing guru, but I will say that I am light years ahead of where I was in understanding this business from six months ago.

That’s it for now. I have to mention that a free short story has been up last week on my home blog site. This was originally up for one week only, but I will keep it there for a few more days. It is called DIETER, and it is currently on my author page at Amazon, as a Kindle short. The free read is here, in the previous post.

Timothy J. Desmond
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