Domestic Operations

In the case of government conspiracies much has been written both in factual articles and in fiction. Also much has been filmed in movies with debatable premise like JFK, and the TV series “24” about the trials of a counter terrorism agent. While I wasn’t a fan of 24 – job and TV network series schedule conflicts – I admit to being confused with what I did watch.  The general premise is clear about the government agent, Jack, in the terrorism fight. For instance, in one episode, I thought the good guys were trying to kill Jack. Was that a red herring? In the Vince Flynn novels, the government agent/protagonist also fights the bad guys. All of these concern “domestic and clandestine operations.” In Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse” [1993], Viet Nam veteran character John Kelly takes out some bad guys in the  Maryland/Virginia area – This a private affair. His government friends then fake his death in the end, and he is recruited to work in further clandestine operations in future Clancy works and operations. It was marvelous use of character and well developed motivation.

As with the domestic drone issue, if these types of operations do occur on US soil, does anyone, do you, believe that it can lead to abuse by the government on an unwitting public?

Timothy J. Desmond
THE DOC, ebook conspiracy thriller novel at

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