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“First Novels” is the topic of the article over at Novel Spaces. Thank you Liane Spicer for the guest spot. This is possibly the next to last of the current “Blog Tour” pieces that have been posted during the past eight weeks. This isn’t long, but it is different as it is not a question and answer, Q & A format. It is a short blog article on “First Novels.”
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Author Roles

Art - cover The DocIn a recent blog it was said that self publishing and the changing marketing of print books in and by the publishing industry has caused a change in roles of authors. My comment was, “Good piece on growing changes in publishing, authorship, marketing and promotions. If there was a different perception in marketing print books compared to e-books – that now appears to be an illusion. Both versions need the same thing, and that is chatter, access, talk, presence in the blog-i-sphere, social audience and in the multi-media world of the industry we are working in. Keep it up here and on other sites. Thanks again.”
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It seems to me that with one’s new stories, books, or articles, one still must be out there pitching to agents and editors. Self publishing may be a growing role, and carries with it a huge learning curve of what larger publishers deal with and all their needs and problems. What do you think? Do you still need an editor and an agent?
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Book signing

This is an announcement about the Visalia, California TASTE OF ARTS event. I will be there as a local/regional author in space F7, for one day only on Saturday September 29. 

The Taste of Arts event runs from Thursday, September 27 through Monday October 1 at different locations around town. This Saturday location is at the OLD LUMBER YARD, on Oak Avenue and Garden Street.

Here are a few important reminders about Taste the Arts, regional art fair on Saturday, September 29.
All events are free but the artists, authors and venders are selling their works. The entrance gates are on Oak Avenue and/or Garden Street.

My Booth Assignment: F7, is located toward the east end of the block near the Bridge Street gate.

My Set Up Time: between 7 am to 10 am. We must be ready to go by 10:45. So, the official opening time for us in these booths is 11:00 AM.

Come out and say hello. See what exciting things that others are doing. There is music in the evening.

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Domestic Operations

In the case of government conspiracies much has been written both in factual articles and in fiction. Also much has been filmed in movies with debatable premise like JFK, and the TV series “24” about the trials of a counter terrorism agent. While I wasn’t a fan of 24 – job and TV network series schedule conflicts – I admit to being confused with what I did watch.  The general premise is clear about the government agent, Jack, in the terrorism fight. For instance, in one episode, I thought the good guys were trying to kill Jack. Was that a red herring? In the Vince Flynn novels, the government agent/protagonist also fights the bad guys. All of these concern “domestic and clandestine operations.” In Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse” [1993], Viet Nam veteran character John Kelly takes out some bad guys in the  Maryland/Virginia area – This a private affair. His government friends then fake his death in the end, and he is recruited to work in further clandestine operations in future Clancy works and operations. It was marvelous use of character and well developed motivation.

As with the domestic drone issue, if these types of operations do occur on US soil, does anyone, do you, believe that it can lead to abuse by the government on an unwitting public?

Timothy J. Desmond
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Writing method

Commenting on another site, I wrote ……………..

It is always of interest to me, how other writers work. One might learn from others’ methods, but in the end finding your own way does emerge. Rewriting and editing one’s own is what new writers don’t get immediately. The point might be …to write enough length to have something to delete. This also brings to mind the beginnings of projects ….. to outline or not, and other planning things. Great information and sharing, thank you.

Downton Abbey dreams

This PBS series has been on for a short while, three seasons, which I presume is a measure of some success. So, having recently, discovered that series, and having missed the previous seasons one and two, we went about getting the DVDs for those first two seasons. After watching the entire first season, went to bed and I dreamt of being an English bloke in some farcical situation, as dreams go. The next night we watched part of the second season and for the second evening in a row, I dreamed of being around and in conversation with these similar English blokes. An apparent aberration in a separate dream of the same night, I was getting a coffee and a sandwich at a certain mall lunch spot, and dropped my messy sandwich on the floor and with others watching am on my hands and knees trying to put my sandwich together.

Then later on, during the discussion in the morning, was the realization that in the second season and in the kitchen at Downton Abby, Daisy dropped a platter of game hens [ they were as large as whole fryers] right when the house staff had to serve the dinner. I know that there are many who take stock in deciphering dreams. I am not one of those, but I do believe one’s mind does attempt to dump trash in dreams, much like a computer, and on other occasions attempts to solve problems. Two things on this, which are away from my main point here, are about two different persons I remember who mentioned dreams.  One was a co-worker with whom I had gone to grade school with, said that he had never and does not have dreams. I found that strange. Second person was a painter I met once. She painted large canvases, had a show at “The Met” in our town, told me that she got her subject from dreams. I found her work a waste of paint, no aesthetic value at all and she was Trained at Chicago Art  Institute which was even more astounding. She was quite a sweet person and she had other smaller sized works that I admired.

With Downton Abbey, I found myself becoming involved with the characters, more than usual for me, and even, yes, being moved by their problems. These persons being depicted are my grandparent’s and their parent’s era, which is historically interesting, but has no connection to our American ways living, even if it were about American “blue-blood” “old money” families in New England. My folks on all sides were farmers in the south and California. I will say I had one grandfather in the “Great War” in an Tennessee artillery unit in 30th Division of the American Expeditionary Force. 

So, yes, there is some connection, the production of the visual scenes, whether the estate’s green fields and grounds, attire of the staff, colors, or the earthy English village scenes, what I truly give credit to is the writing. I am reminded of a quote, from whom I do not agree with his politics, but is an answer to much of the above, and for which I am striving in my own writing and art. This from Ezra Pound and I believe it should be the last and most important words of this post. “Move or be moved.” Ezra Pound

15 Tips by Jerry D. Simmons

Jerry D. Simmons has posted 15 tips for writers’ promotions. These are:

1. Website profiles

2. Excerpts and sample chapters

3. Book reviews


5. Audio and video

6. Book trailers

7. Social Networking

8. Blogging

9. Google alerts

10. Give copy of book

11. email signature

12. Press releases

13. Author status

14. Expert on your topic

15. Pricing

These points discussed in detail by Jerry D. Simmons at:

Go there for the details. Great tips and reasons.