Lingering Ideas

Art - Ranch Sketch for painting 1 - October 5 - 2019

Lingering Ideas
Just thinking out loud …. Painting ideas are never ending. Many things that have been done were because of gift ideas or suggestions from loved ones for one reason or another. The one series of the past, and still on going, are the paintings done at Pismo Beach which began around 1995. Prior to that were the ones done in the 1980s animals series. Those actually sold. Plus, there were two seascapes in mid 1980s which sold.
This sketch is an idea of past and lingering theme that I feel hot about. It was a hot time in 1960 summer. One watercolor of Dad was done. Another of the grain elevator at Daulton was done. Then the Oil based enamel of the “Cat skinner and Harvester” of the recent Facebook post. So one new sketch below ….. is a new beginning.


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