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A friend was concerned about a history knowledge issue.
Robert Hile posted:
             Quote for the day: I have been on Facebook now for over 4 years. I’ve posted a number of things that should have make a large number of people think about their history and their past. I have explained to a number of people that I have the study and degrees in this that I am not some Johnny-come-lately to the History. I feel like I’m tooting my own horn so much that people may get the wrong idea about what I am doing here. The reasons I’ve been doing the quotes for the past week is to give information about the past to fight the fight about our heritage and about saving our Flag and statues under attack. If you can quote people that disarms them from their attacks and makes a difference. It shows education not stupid, it shows your more informed than they are and that just might slow things down and change thinking.
              But to my amazement most to the time, I get someone who wants their 5 mins. of fame and makes some stupid comment or something not really important to the subject. I welcome comments but they need to be on helping us, not on who your great aunt twice removed was when Sherman went to the bathroom in Charleston after the war. I swear that some have been that bad. And what they say is if they hadn’t heard what I said. It is amazing indeed.
Today’s quote is something I wrote over 40 years ago in a paper for a college class. Yes, it is my quote, and I am not really trying to blow my own horn, read it, and use it to disarm people who keep repeating their argument over and over. They are just trying to wear you down and you can tell them they aren’t listening to you so there is no peace. Here is the quote:
“We spend 12 years in public school trying to earn how to use a language, in our case, the English language. But it we took 5 minutes to teach people how to listen, then maybe, just maybe we would have peace in the world.”

My reply to him was …………….
To ROBERT HITE ON November 19, 2018

Robert Hile, Good post, and thank you. I think I’ve been on here, Facebook, over ten years. [I am not exactly sure].. Crazy thing is, even if we make some things PUBLIC, I am not sure it, one’s every post, gets to everyone intended. However, and to your point, yes, the ignorance and lack of history knowledge is appalling. But, I am not sure of , or if they did have that knowledge of facts, that it would make a difference. For example, take the global warming issue. Many people get told some of the hard facts about atmospheric data and not really increasing temperatures, [Dr. Roy Spencer of his dot.com and book “Climate Confusion.”]. He, Dr. Spencer, gets written off as a “crank.” Causes are arguable, yet if one is a “nay sayer” you are out of touch. So, here is the thing that is scary, to me, as our legislators are a part of it all. FACTS mean nothing to those people in control of the narrative. The reason is because they are only interested in TOTAL CONTROL. And that is fairly true on Facebook too. And scary too is that people are passing laws and legislation based on “lack of corporate history” or lack of knowledge, or the “truth does not matter.”

Best of all to you and keep going.

*    *     *

That’s it.  Now, the above seems harmless to the community to me, however my comment was not allowed. I find that interesting. Perhaps “the community” feels that my words were dangerous. Strange, but we are in a different media climate.

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