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As for the results of the “A BOOK AND A DONUT” signing event, sales were GREAT, and as good as the BOOK BARN event in July. But, I did more talking about the book to more visitors than at the Clovis Book Barn. The other plus was that the store wanted The Doc books to sell from the “point of sale” counter.

This “THE BUZZ Interview” BLOG that I wrote last week was meant to be posted BY ME that Thursday, afternoon, with a photo, video link or YouTube link of the interview. I never got it posted last week. As it turned out I did not get a video of it. I thought it was a better interview than the one done two days previous, but that was my wife’s impression of my answers. But here is what happened. After the Tuesday interview, I was offered the Thursday interview, and I opted for the “Full Media” package. This was their highest package. The original broadcast time is live and covers a large area of the valley and a huge “antenna receiver” audience. This on KAIL My 7.1, Comcast 13, Satellite 53, and AT&T U-verse 53. This was “live” at 10:00 am and the show reruns at 4:00 pm at the, which is the web streaming show.

I thought a disk was being provided because I had checked for that on the sign-up sheet on Tuesday. At the end of the Thursday interview, I was told I could have a disk of it, but that it was for another fee. I declined that and explained that I would have to sell fifty books to break even with full media package as it was. I also explained that I have no idea what the results would be in my sales, or the numbers who show up at the event pitched in the interview as A Book and a Donut for the coming Saturday.

But, I did save it, the interview, at the home TV on DVR, and too, it is going to take saving it on an old VCR tape and then converting that to digital. So, it could not be done for Thursday afternoon.

For a YouTube of the first interview with Mike Scott, here it is again. ..

Perhaps two interviews in one week were too many to blog about.

And on the cost, is this why authors are advised to not pay for ads?

If you have an answer or more questions, contact me.
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The Doc original Two eBook Trailers

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This is sort of silly, as I found this piece buried in the draft column – from December 2012. One friend made the observation after viewing the first, longer trailer, that it was “kinda crazy” and “I liked it.” I never pulled either one down. But until the new print version “The Doc revised edition” book trailer is up, these two are still about the basic story.

The Doc - modified%Two versions of this book trailer are on Youtube, and both were severely edited. The first one was around two and half minutes long and needed to have shortened amount of running time. Youtube edited out some of what I thought were important shots. The second version that I sent in was a one minute-forty second version. Youtube cut that version down to thirty-two seconds. Available here is that version in its entirety, 1:40 seconds.

I have heard both pro and con views on the value of book trailers. One editor/writer colleague told me that book trailers were nice but didn’t really help. Yet, another marketing and promotions guru lists books trailers as one of the seven basic needs.

Anyway here is: The Doc Book Trailer:

The first longer trailers is:

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