SAFE, hah!

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I don’t think any of us are safe, in this digital age. I mean, I’m sick of all the scare ads, for home security alarms, “lifelock” and others, Can Lifelock be hacked? Probably. And they say protect your social security number. Why? If it, your number is stolen, Social Security won’t give you a new number like a credit card. I’ve been hacked on Facebook, email, and once at our bank from a check we wrote a grocery store. I lost my wallet last year. It’s my own fault. I was in a rush. Pretty sure it was never picked up from where I last had it, at Savemart parking lot. I think it was dropped from my vehicle on HWY 99 between Fresno and Visalia. It had my Medicare cards. The Social Security number IS your medicare number. I canceled all gas cards, bank accounts, and one credit card. It was a mess. But there was nothing to do about the Medicare card.
So, as I thought about it, That number is on all my medical stuff, at several doctors offices, hospital medical records, medical lab locations. Are all the medical employees bonded hires? If any medical worker, office staff, is in financial trouble, can they sell social security numbers that have come across their desks? Plus, there is the HIPPA laws that insured medical privacy, but now, because of the Affordable Healthcare Act, that information has to be sent to the government. Government data bases have been hacked. You have no electronic privacy.
There’s more. Later.

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