Triggered Book Study Follow up

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One more piece on numbers and stats, if you will, is on another reference that I happen to come across. If the previous “Triggered Book Study” was of mild or of any interest at all, this next reference is from a more studied source in the industry.

THIS STUDY by Hugh Howey IS DATED AS A YEAR AGO IN February on: February 12, 2014. It is of importance to anyone connected with this business, but I think it has merit and interest for anyone involved education, teaching, teaching reading, and the obvious ….. if you are in retail and wonder how the closing of book stores and markets means something. I’ve saved the study in my own files, but in the interest of “not plagiarizing” I am putting the link here.

Author Earnings by Hugh Howey Study Called: The 7k Report
The link is at:

I found it fascinating.
After reading that, what do you think?


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