The Painter & The Commission

Art - Debby's Flower Painting  73 canvas cropped for poem illustration July 2016
The Painter & Commission
Flowers Painting – 1973 – 33 x 72 inches Acrylic on canvas. – Current owner: American Cancer Society Discovery thrift store, Fresno, California

Money green and gone
Sales also sail away
Years of oil on canvas fail
With mystique of public critique
Not real, bizarre, surreal

And hope and light escape
In shade of sycamore jade.

Artists always crazed
Stroke or slash is asked
Or splash of brush or knife
Slash canvas, slash canvas
Commission at last

Shown to her in jade shade
Aahhh nooo, no pay today

Bitch hums her critique so cool
“Won’t go with my mauve mood”
No ‘lectric, no neon, no power
No painted nude or lady laid
“Too white, too pink, too blue”

Yes hope and light escape
In shade of sycamore jade.

Timothy J. Desmond
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