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I’m in a posse. I have been for a while. We are lead by our author friend Sunny Frazier. We first met at an author event at Chowchilla Library. I am not sure if the “The Posse” was formed at that time or not until later. Somehow I was in. We have a main concept of using some sort of clout with improving our promotions and marketing, as well as entertaining one another.
One of those tools is blogging. For example we were referred to another blog and author by Anne R. Allen. In a recent blog by Anne R. Allen, there is a list of ten reasons to blog. While all the points there are good and right, Number 9 had struck me. First I had to look up what “garret” meant. I know, I know, but it is what it is. I was working the day job, and there was only one other writer on our staff, and he was published with a Carnegie-Mellon award. He told me that writers need to be around other writers. I understood that, but it wasn’t something that could change the situation, without relocating, quitting work, and, well, all the impossibilities. It was something that grew though. He had started a blog because his friends had told him that he should. That was around 2003. He didn’t up date it as often as he could or should have. But I never forgot his advice.
Anne R. Allen’s piece is at:

I’m not sure how many are in The Posse, maybe twenty or forty authors and writers. There might be more. For another up close visit, Sunny Frazier has a lot going on and blogging on five sites. See more about Sunny at:

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