A Book and a Donut

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One could wail about the demise of and closing of bookstores. In the realm of the business, AKA: “brick and mortar” stores, as opposed to online stores. In our area of a population of 500,000, there are only two stores remaining. By “store,” it was pointed out to me, means “new books” store and not meaning “used book store.” These two stores are the Barnes & Noble and Petunia’s Place. The causes and reasons have been argued, and I’m fairly sure there is no single cause. I noticed B. Daltons closing in our indoor mall before the digital age, and yet the last two B. Daltons here, and one forty-five minutes south, were only closed within last five years.

The main problem for local authors is that there are no longer places to have book signing events. There are hundreds of authors around here. Maybe there are a thousand others writing but who are not in print. So, while the theories about why and how online sales have their part in this, authors still want to have locations and venues for “book signing events.” It is not as bleak as many feared, but there are still problems.

I have at my fingertips a 2003 publication about author’s guide to promotions. There is more than one reference to authors creating their own book venues. These examples ranged from backyard barbecue book signings to local restaurants. Included here could be events being done by local arts councils. Another standard is always the local library branches. So, these are not exactly new ideas. I don’t believe there can be any bad idea.

I recently did a signing event with three other authors, this at a used book store. One of these had announced that he received permission to set up in stores of a grocery chain. We all congratulated him. I mentioned that I had tried to make a similar agreement with Starbucks, but their regional manager would not allow it. I thought it was a perfect idea, and I had visions of the past “Upstart Crow” coffee/bookstore …. that, oh well, it had closed also. Maybe coffee sellers know something we don’t know.

Last week, I tried to get an event with a local gourmet chocolate store. The business owner was all for it, but alas, I was told that the mall property owner would not allow it. This chocolate store was also told NOT to sell or offer coffee because there were three restaurants in the mall. This owner was apologetic in explaining the policy and said that the restaurants have no coffee on their menus.

One might argue that one could sell a thousand books at your own events, and not get any credibility with the book industry. And that is probably true, as books the author buys are not counted into royalty statements. But, I did learn that one local library event garnered a front page newspaper article, interview, and photo. So, one never knows where things may lead.

This is the latest for THE DOC novel signing events. Saturday November 15, I will be at an outdoor mall at:

6083 N. Figarden Drive, Fresno, California. Time: 8:00 AM.

Yes. Two doors north is a place for tacos. Next door south is a donut shop.
This event is called: A BOOK and a DONUT
If it is chocolate you want, get a book from me, then a chocolate donut and cocoa in the shop.

If you have more questions, contact me.


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The Doc Book Signing Tour

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Last Saturday, July 26, the signing tour was kicked off with a Book Festival event at the Clovis Book Barn in Clovis. I shared the table with three other authors: Marilyn Meredith, Gary Wayne Walker, and Garner Scott Odell. It was cool for us, but was one of those 106 degree heat wave of a weekend. If you did not make it to that event, here is the schedule:

Branches Books, Oakhurst, Wednesday August 13 – 5:30 PM – Talk and Signing.
Madera County Library, Galloway Room, Friday August 15 – 3:00 PM – Reading and Signing.

Planned events in the works, but dates not set:

Fresno Bookstore
Firebaugh Library
Merced Barnes and Noble
Modesto Barnes and Noble
Los Banos
Castro Valley
For 2015 year the possible locations are:
Daytona Beach, Florida
Flagler Beach, Florida
Palm Coast, Florida
Crystal River, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Santa Clarita, California
Redding, California
Portland, Oregon
Yakima, Washington
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Self Promotion 3

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One older blog began with one sentence and was not finished. “Much of the latest focus on author promotions is weeding out “time wasting” exercises in ego stroking endeavors.” That was in may. I had written about it in a blog in last June titled Vanity Event. I wasn’t sure if book signings were that much a waste of time, as was being suggested. The other one, blog, got sidetracked for a number of reasons, but one reason was that I was trying to research the origin of that terms for ego stroking endeavors and vanity event.. And I had no luck in finding the origin. But, I had, subsequently, a discussion with another author about this, and it was a link in that June piece. It revolved around the fact that if you are having a book signing event, that it is an ego and vanity massaging event.
It is entirely possible that the first event one does is a vanity or ego thing. I freely admit it, and that first event. But, if one is shocked by the lack of sales at that first event where you don’t really sell thirty copies, the ego and vanity hit a brick wall. The ice breaking first book signing is simply that, the first book signing. After that, when other book signings are arranged, there is a more realistic view, expectation and, well, work. A signing event leads to discussions, speaking events, interviews, and each of these is growing an audience of sorts. I realize this is addressing having a book in print, and is not addressing the different promotional approach for an ebook – only – promotion. The last words on this, do you think it is a waste of time? I don’t think it is. Keep arranging events.
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California Confederate Memorial

Last reminder for tomorrow, Saturday, April 28.

CALIFORNIA CONFEDERATE VETERANS MEMORIAL. There are almost 2,000 Confederate veterans buried in California. This is a first-time ever memorial to all of them. This is an open invitation to a memorial event near Fresno, California. The details are:

Bethel Cemetery

11608 East Central Avenue

Sanger, CA

Saturday – April 28, 2012

1:00 PM

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