Carbon Hoax

In 1974 I sat in a college class on Human Ecology. It was a required course for the degree. One of the concerns of the text’s author, and the prof who lectured, was the increase of carbon in the atmosphere. It was something that was there, but not alarming to these students as they had lived through the 1971 Zero Population Growth book popularity by Stanford’s Paul Erlich. Many accepted Erlich’s premise and college men went for sterilization and girls went for the IUDs instead of the birth control pills. The consideration that birth control is “anti-life” seemed not to matter. Since then, there have been many changes. Many starvations around the world, that may or may not have been due to over population, were more likely due to the regional political upheavals.

Bringing the time up to 2006, there appeared in the news the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide as the main culprit in global warming. And so the next new wave of doom which we all have to work to avoid was on. But, it was apparent to me that this was another “anti-life” like Erlich’s ZPG theory, and I sent a short letter to the local paper, which printed it, but received no comments nor counter letters.
Scientists and Universities have been on this for decades.

It was amazing how quickly the globe jumped on this theory. Prince Charles elected to fly to the “States” in a commercial jet, instead of the private jet, in order to “reduce his carbon footprint” in the atmosphere. Amazing.

Legislation and federal law

US Supreme Court:

There is a detailed carbon dioxide discussion titled, “Is CO2 a Pollutant” at:
It is astonishing the growth of the energy business – solar and wind – energy companies new and older power companies financing wind and solar. Do you get calls from and for solar installation?
A cap and trade story Sunday, November 16 – called Carbon Costs, McClatchy article by Dan Walters laments the undisclosed costs to Californians . Buried on page A16 in Fresno Bee’s Sunday issue, Dan Walter itemized a few California finance unknown answers. Some of those were ……. Carbon, cap and trade, renewable energy.

Climate Confusion [Encounter Books, New York, 2008] by climatologist author and warming skeptic Roy Spenser, PhD has been denounced on several websites as a “crank” and his latest paper as “failed to prove his point.” Read his site at:
But, that reminds me something my editor said once. One of my book’s characters wrote a paper a paper on government control and exposed a domestic black ops unit. I was informed that my premise was not credible because retired CIA consultants had said the author would be denounced, discredited and to be shown to be quite a fool and a crank. Sound familiar? Exactly how Roy Spencer is being treated.
President Eisenhower warned President Kennedy about the “military-industrial complex.” Roy Spenser warned, beware of the “political-media” complex.
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Climate myth

A friend just posted on Facebook a poster with two images of the earth from space. The left earth image is one that has the green of vegitation covering the eastern half of the North American continent and the orange, tan color of the western side, much like the color of the topographic maps. Then the right image shows the entire USA area as tan and orange color – with the phrase printed across the length, such as: “From forests to deserts in just 34 years.” Centered at the top was a yellow sad face.

I couldn’t help commenting in return about that post. I wrote, “This is a myth and untrue. You are perpetrating this delusion and myth by recycling these “photoshopped” comparisons. Humans are not causing climate change.” I suppose there are many who would not agree with my comment.

Certain forests have had a history of decline, not attributed to logging, included in Europe and the Americas. An example is the red spruce decline in the 1870s and 1880s. Turns out it was an insect, a certain type beetle infestation. Acid rain and ozone studies have been done and were inconclusive. Trees are living things and not immortal, and may go through phases of plant succession. Trees have died with no pollution causes.

I urge anyone interesting in getting a handle on this issue to read CLIMATE CONFUSION by Roy W. Spencer, Encounter Books, 2008, ISBN 13: 978-1-59403-210-3. Dr. Spencer is a climatologist.

And, the atmosphere, if anything is certain, is a complex chemical process. While Dr. Spencer points out that much is not known yet on the many factors that cause cloud formation.  It is known that microscopic particles, condensation nucleii, are needed in order for clouds to form. This cloud formation, globally, allows for reflective cooling of the earth surface. Local and State air pollution districts want completely clean air. While that is an impossibility, it raises the question. If the air was completely free of these particles would that cause less or no cloud formation and therefore more earth warming?

Dr. Spencer questions what motivates politicians and environmentalists who “advocate policies that are doomed to failure but also hurt so many other people.”

Another eye opening read: “State of Fear” by the late Michael Chrichton. You don’t have to read the novel. Just read and follow the message, appendix, comments, and bibliography in the back.  Yes a bibliography at the end of a novel. A huge study of the issues of science, government, and politics. Published by Harper Collins, 2004, ISBN-10: 0-06-621413-0.