Conspiracy – Part 3

This story –THE DOC novel – was written in a different title, before the year 2000.  Since then, other references and certain events have been added to the story.  It is somewhat remarkable that it was written before the Chandra Levi case and the knowledge of hundreds of other missing Washington women, before September 11, 2001, before videos of terrorist beheadings, before the Executive branch was accused of outing a CIA employee, before books by former Texas judge Catherine Crier. 

       THE DOC was written years after White House “plumbers,” after the movie “JFK,” after other conspiracy theories, after UFOs and Project Bluebook, after James Bamford’s “Puzzle Palace” on the NSA, after “Iran Contra,” after BCCI banking scandal, after Linda Hunt’s book “Secret Agenda” about Project Paperclip, after President Clinton impeachment acquittal, after 1990’s urban legends and Stephen Foster murder, after Oklahoma City.

        Before September 11, 2001 this story, as a novel, was not completed.  After September 11, 2001, this story was not pushed or submitted for publication.  It didn’t seem right to reflect on a fictional government unit even if it was only a part of the GAO, the Government Accounting Office, and only a part of the whole fictional system of security.  

       That was ten years ago.  Now, the global war on terrorism and terrorists is continuing.  What has made the news during the past five years of anti-war criticism, the Iraq questions, and media naivety have shown that some incredibly bright people in government bureaus, as well as reporters, have said and done some incredibly stupid things.  Whether or not one believes that a “government” really worries about a panic of the American people in a particular crisis can be argued.  How is it possible that Ollie North pulled off his operations?  Why did Waco happen, then Oklahoma City federal building bombing?  And writing of the Timothy McVeigh case, why did a government agency turn on its own agent working undercover on those people in Arizona?  These are only some things through the years.  The average man-or-woman-on-the-street may have no answers, and is too busy making a living or trying to get by, to have to bother to ask.  And, yet, the question persists.  What is there, that one doesn’t know?  What could be wrong?  “Right?”

Conspiracy – Part 2

Then there is the water boarding.  Doesn’t policy controlling the controllers of detainees mean anything?  If torture is or was performed, not just water boarding, but real physical invasiveness, is that possible to hide?  According to experts, chemical and drug administration is considered an invasive procedure.   Conspiracy theorist Jim Marss has written that mind control and pharmaceutical research was conducted and then abandoned in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

            But, did it end?  And if not, the naïve question is, how can a person treat another person like that?  Invasive or not, painless or memory loss or not, is drugging torture?

            Regarding Waco, Ruby Ridge issues, and subsequently Oklahoma City bombing by conspirators, the government reacted in the 1990s. All of this cooled the militia movement, which was gaining members across the country in most states.  Prior to this was the 1980s and the movie about white supremacists which starred Tom Berringer.  In that movie there was a scene of a gathering and camp in a mountain lake area in Idaho.  Around a campfire a man explained why he was a part of that group.  It was interesting because what he said was what most Americans have wanted.  That is, that he wanted freedom from excessive regulation, having a job and a wife, and raising his kids. These were his main concerns and thoughts.  These views are common to all of us, across the political spectrum, across the country.

            What could be wrong?  “Right?”