Youtube of Late Lester Dow Berger song

Art - Dow Berger 1964

A few months back I posted a memorial to the late Dow Berger. Another friend of his sent me this Youtube of a tape Dow had given him. Here it is from Ward Watson.

Thanks. Dow’s voice sounds higher in pitch than I remembered, but the guitar playing is as I remembered.

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New Painting

Art - Harvesting 1963 - 2013-06-28Last Saturday this new painting was taken to the Chris Sorenson Studio for the $1000 Mural Competition and Public Art theme “juried” show. This entry is 48 x 48 inches and is painted with oil based enamels on canvas. It is titled “Harvesting 1963” and this scene depicts, partly, my high school summers. I have no idea the response it will get, although Sorenson liked it as he said he drove tractor on the Giffin Ranch.
Coming in two days …… the author interview with Kristen Elise, PhD.
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