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As mentioned before, this series on author PR will be in several parts. The major sections will be: Tips and suggestions, Views and various international POV, Signing events, Talks and media, www, and Self-PR. Not in any particular order, some of the above considerations have less or more copy than others. One author suggests, after the initial flurry of one’s book, to keep one’s name in the public eye. That is, if an opportunity to appear in public, grab it. Also to not limit oneself to your genre or book area, but write for your civic organizations, clubs, organizational newsletters or other venues. Do not limit yourself. For this writer, this led to invitations to submit more articles.
Another writer mentioned that a small newspaper was started in or near the community and was offered a position of writing a column. It was the perfect thing to becoming a local personality. The low or zero pay was negligible compared to the exposure of “author name.”
One author wrote a letter of promotion to a local business where he was a local customer. The business liked it so much they put it in their newsletter. It was a kind of craziness that the provocative letter took on a life of its own. Local media picked up on it too, for that author, priceless PR.
More on Self-PR later.
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