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Blog Graphic June 13 - 2016

Yeah. Well, as you can see from the photo, I’ve been at it a while. While I’ve always thought of the business side of being a published author [1st book in December 2005], so much has evolved in the print industry and all digital formats. Borders hadn’t closed yet, back then, and I thought they might have stayed longer as they had this electronic connection with Amazon. There was still one B. Dalton store, and I had plans to do a signing event there, and it closed very quickly in 2007.
Two sites I came across had me changing gears, even though I was already trying to practice some things over the past year. Last year was when I was learning about my fifth cousin’s 50,000 sales of his cross genre science-fiction and fantasy series. He was heavily reviewed and in one of hottest genres ever, both issues where my books are lacking. But, that’s all right, I understand all that.

So the first site is about using hash tags, which was a site I shared on Facebook, because it was from a source I thought I might lose. It is by Erica Verrillo at:

The second site is a little different and just as intriguing because of its negative premise approach. By Deborah Riley-Magnus, and titled 5 DUMB THINGS SMART AUTHORS DO , it is at:

Generally, we all have been aware of the term KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE, but the larger problem is REACHING YOUR AUDIENCE. Some of the things may have been touched on others, but one item was really eye-opening about the point of pitching “hooks” instead of genres. I realized when I am at a signing event and a visitor asks about the book, I begin with a hook statement immediately, without knowing their interest quite. So, yeah, it made sense, and there is more there.
What do you think?

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