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genre v. main stream fiction
As has been quoted by some others, “main stream is a genre” I get it. Humor me a little and hang in here. Some definitions may have to be a judgment call. Genre being Crime, suspense, thriller, chiller, fantasy, science fiction, childrens,….
On Febraury 1, 2015-
New York Times best sellers top 15 fiction:
Genre 9
Main Stream 6
Genre 8
Main Stream 4
Barnes and Noble
Genre 10
Main Stream 6
Genre 27 = 63%
Main Stream 16 = 37%
Chart Genre v Main Stream

New York Times best sellers top 15 Non-fiction is a separate list while Amazon and Barnes and Noble combine all of these.

Create Space Print v. Lightning Source
This is also tough, and maybe impossible, but for a broad generalization Create Space is Amazon and Lightening Source is “all other” self publishing for this purpose. Too, will take longer to check. This is, as one book seller said once, interesting. While traditional print-on-demand [POD} publishers have used Lightning Source for quite a while, now many small and “Indy” publishers are using Create Space digital print options. And self publishers can use Lightning Source too, as well as Create Space.
New York Times List
Self Published
Presumed Lightening Source = 2
Traditional house = 13

Large House = 4
Other House = 11
Barnes and Noble
Create Space = 1
Large House = 10
Other House = 4
Create Space 1 = 33%
Lightning Source 2 = 67%
Chart Create Space Print v Lightning Source

Distribution differences? …….. Amazon v. Ingram’s
Biggest problem here is the sources and numbers, as actual sales are closely held data by the entities. Checking on an industry source [February 5, 2015].

Big Houses v. Small houses
New York Times List
Large House 10
Small House 3

Large House 4
Small House 11
Barnes and Noble
Large House 10
Small House 4
Large House 24 = 57%
Small House 18 = 43%
Chart Big Houses v Small houses

Self publishing v. Traditional publisher
New York Times List
Self = 2
Traditional = 13
Self = 0
Traditional = 15
Barnes and Noble
Self = 1
Traditional = 14
Self 3 = 7%
Traditional 42 = 93%
Chart Self v Traditional

Author Brand name v. Lesser known author [including debut author]
New York Times List
Author Brand name = 14
Lesser Known = 47
Author Brand name = 7
Lesser Known = 17
Barnes and Noble
Author Brand name = 7
Lesser Known = 51
Author Brand name 28 = 20%
Lesser Known 115 = 80%
Chart Author Brand name v Lesser known author

Fiction v. nonfiction
This may be the tougher area, and not as important except on the issue: if one has money to buy books, etc., etc., etc. Even if we read both, it is subjective to most of us, and people usually lean toward one or the other. Since actual sales figures from the industry are generally not public, and NYT list separates all lists into fiction and non-fiction lists, the Amazon or B&N list may be all we have to go by. Publisher house by house may have their hard data. If anyone out there knows, feel free to comment.
New York Times List
[ not applicable ]
Fiction = 12
Nonfiction = 16
Barnes and Noble
Fiction = 16
Nonfiction = 14
Fiction 28 = 48%
Nonfiction 30 = 51%
Chart Fiction v Nonfiction

[[[ Social media sites v. Real media interviews ….NOT DONE ]]]

Ignored for the moment
“cover” and “title” [subjective ???????? ]
New York Times list only: Hardcover v. Paperback Trade v. Paperback Mass Market
ebook v. print book
NYT includes in a combined list but separates Fiction & Nonfiction
The New York Times offers a glimpse for this comparison because they list top 15 books in “combined ebook and print” categories. Too, NYT does separate these list sby fiction and nonfiction. Checking on another study of this [February 5, 2015].
The main question originally is “What are the authors doing to get on the top of lists?”
[March 22, 2015 ……… A few days ago I had interview answers from John Daulton that addresses this question ……….. at least from one author’s – one successful author – experience.]
My question was, What do you think is more important: A great story, a great cover, or a great promotion?
Read John Daulton’s answer in his interview which goes live on April 2.


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