Triggered Book Study

This is the title of a new study just begun. Perhaps it should be a different and longer title, like “top books study” or “book marketing study based on success of best sellers.” Both of those would be accurate as it is triggered on the question of what gets books to the top of sales lists?

I recently came across the success of one author, when having a quiet conversation with the author’s relative at a small family gathering. Keeping that author anonymous for now, it raised a renewal of past questions. The questions have revolved around a series of modes – dear gawd, did I just write, “modes” a dreaded statistical term? Yes. That is a statistical term. It is one of my favorites because it was the easiest to understand. In the relationship of “distribution” of scores, it is part of the three central tendencies. These are mean, median, and mode. Mode is simply the number of the same or identical scores. Fear not. My use of mode is the Random House Webster’s Dictionary version of “method.”

Many of these have been blogged about before by many of you or others, so many of you blog analysts of the past ten or fifteen years may say, “that has all been done before.” But here goes. The series of modes being a part of this are: genre v. main stream, Create Space v. Lightening Source, Amazon v. Ingram’s, Big Houses v. Small houses, Social sites v. media interviews, Self publishing v. publisher.

Ignored for the moment are such things “cover” and “title.” Not because they are not important, they are, but because they are more of a subjective thing and not easily measured or quantified. Also set aside for the moment is ebook v. print book.

Is ebook v. print book fair? Or valid? Perhaps it is only fair to compare sales of the same title means anything. And here is where any study can be thrown out. Actual sales figures are not readily available.
The main method is a brief study of lists themselves. So, That’s the beginning. More in the next
Assuming one thing in common: All the books were well written.

If you have more, or a thought, contact me.


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