Murder, Fantasy, Zombies and Undead

Part of me doesn’t get it. I realize people are different but it strikes me that a lot of people find the topic fascinating. The spiritual world, and existence of angels or a deity, is denied by the many who do believe in the supernatural evils found in media, film and books in the writings from Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, and Peter Straub. There are so many contemporaries writing screenplays and books with these themes. I suppose any mystery and who-done-it story has at its core an evil intent by someone, and a crime is done, and the ensuing solution to bring a criminal to justice.

I sat next to an author and artist once. She wrote books that were illustrated. There is a name of those books style. Entire illustrated novels have a whole section at B & N stores called …. Graphic Novels.
Two movies, Renaissance and Sin City were done in black & white graphics. Very dramatic format. There are ongoing discussions as to the difference between action hero comic book movies and graphic novels. Most action hero movies are in full color.

Horror and monster stories have been around a long time, and the past few years we’ve seen the popular rise of fairy tale themes on TV. And, those are not very nice as they seem to all be more sinister than I read as a child.

Still, what is it about zombies, slashers, and fantasy world spells?
If you have answers, contact me or comment.


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2 thoughts on “Murder, Fantasy, Zombies and Undead

  1. Hi Tim. You know, there is a reason that Edgar Allen Poe lost his mind! Wasn’t he the first author to really explore the macabre elements of the “dark side”? I do believe in the reality of dark, demonic forces. I think I may have told you about some experiences I had where I actually saw things happening that can’t be attributed to anything else (a lady’s (devotee of witchcraft) eyes spontaneously changing color 3 feet in front of me, etc.) But….and this is a BIG but, as scary and real as this stuff is, I have to remember that only God Almighty has eternal and Self-generated absolute power, while satan only has temporary and derived limited power. Thanks to God for that! There are people who think that the battle between God & satan is sort of represented by the “ying/yang” thing, but that imagery is not correct. It’s not like two equal powers, one good and one evil. God’s power is superior to any other power. It’s not even close, really. Jesus said it best, when he said that Satan came only to kill and destroy, but “I am come so that they might have life, and have it abundantly!” Regarding the fascination of this stuff, it really is true that people are so fascinated by stories, books, art, or films that refer to or focus on the derived demonic power. At the same time, the same people so fascinated by the dark, derived power could not care less about the absolute power demonstrated so clearly by God. An amazing thing, but not really, when you consider that fact the the Bible reveals that unbelievers are “blinded” by the “god of this world”. Again, the contrast. God is Light and He enables people to see. Satan is dark and blinds people, YET people flock to stand in line to get a ticket for “The Omen” or a host of other more recent movies, of they’ll play around with a Ouija Board, but not crack the cover of the Bible, or they’ll check a horoscope instead of praying/fellowshipping with other believers, or they’ll involve themselves in alluring activities but NOT worshipping God. I had a friend who has steadfastly attacked my Christian values who posted about being really interested in the theory that Jesus was married and had kids. His comment: “Now here’s something I could read”. Of course he could read it, it fascinates him and he is blind. He is not interested in the truth. Well, I’d better sign off now before I talk your ear off……oops, too late!

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