Hated Protagonists Tips

Family - Tim for Blog Post Oct 2014

It was referred to me last August 19, by author and “The Posse” leader Sunny Frazier, but seems important to comment on now, or anytime. This was about “5 Protagonists Readers Hate,” a blog by Anne Allen. Actually the entire title was “5 Protagonists Readers Hate: Why Writers Shouldn’t Identify too Closely with a Main Character.” The discussion, examples, and reasons are an insight for us as readers as well as for writers of fiction. The other interesting point that is made is the related topic of fictionalizing real life experiences. I’m sure there are more lengthy discussions on the topic, but there is so much that is pithy on our craft in this one piece. She titles these 5 types as:

Mary Sue
The Special Victim
Perfect Pat
Literal Larry

There is a last section about the “solution” to the problem, but you can read the entire thing and the “solution” at: http://annerallen.blogspot.com/2014/08/5-protagonists-readers-hate-why-writers.html

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