The Doc Book Signing Tour

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Last Saturday, July 26, the signing tour was kicked off with a Book Festival event at the Clovis Book Barn in Clovis. I shared the table with three other authors: Marilyn Meredith, Gary Wayne Walker, and Garner Scott Odell. It was cool for us, but was one of those 106 degree heat wave of a weekend. If you did not make it to that event, here is the schedule:

Branches Books, Oakhurst, Wednesday August 13 – 5:30 PM – Talk and Signing.
Madera County Library, Galloway Room, Friday August 15 – 3:00 PM – Reading and Signing.

Planned events in the works, but dates not set:

Fresno Bookstore
Firebaugh Library
Merced Barnes and Noble
Modesto Barnes and Noble
Los Banos
Castro Valley
For 2015 year the possible locations are:
Daytona Beach, Florida
Flagler Beach, Florida
Palm Coast, Florida
Crystal River, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Santa Clarita, California
Redding, California
Portland, Oregon
Yakima, Washington
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