Your Author Brand Needs to Answer One Question

As Jamie Lee Wallace has connected both writing and art, this blog is worth spreading to different circles. Authors have been taught that genres have rules, and some have been taught that “main stream is a genre” too. As an author who also does art work, it connects with me on several levels. The discussion is fascinating, and addresses marketing too.

Live to Write - Write to Live

road questionYou need to know who you’re selling to and why they are buying.

As a marketer, I help my clients focus on the needs and desires of their audience. We spend a lot of time exploring exactly who their customer is, all the way from basic demographics (age, gender, professional role, geographic location, household income, etc.) to psychographics (lifestyles, philosophies, beliefs, values, opinions, etc.). Sometimes, we will develop customer personas – a composite individual who represents the larger group  (kind of like an archetype character). We do all of this because marketing and sales success does not hinge on the latest social media platform or automated lead generation system; it depends on knowing as much as you can about the exact person you are trying to reach. When you can step inside that person’s head and anticipate her deepest needs and desires, it becomes almost easy to deliver the perfect…

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