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Copy of Tim at Visalia Signing 2012
One older blog began with one sentence and was not finished. “Much of the latest focus on author promotions is weeding out “time wasting” exercises in ego stroking endeavors.” That was in may. I had written about it in a blog in last June titled Vanity Event. I wasn’t sure if book signings were that much a waste of time, as was being suggested. The other one, blog, got sidetracked for a number of reasons, but one reason was that I was trying to research the origin of that terms for ego stroking endeavors and vanity event.. And I had no luck in finding the origin. But, I had, subsequently, a discussion with another author about this, and it was a link in that June piece. It revolved around the fact that if you are having a book signing event, that it is an ego and vanity massaging event.
It is entirely possible that the first event one does is a vanity or ego thing. I freely admit it, and that first event. But, if one is shocked by the lack of sales at that first event where you don’t really sell thirty copies, the ego and vanity hit a brick wall. The ice breaking first book signing is simply that, the first book signing. After that, when other book signings are arranged, there is a more realistic view, expectation and, well, work. A signing event leads to discussions, speaking events, interviews, and each of these is growing an audience of sorts. I realize this is addressing having a book in print, and is not addressing the different promotional approach for an ebook – only – promotion. The last words on this, do you think it is a waste of time? I don’t think it is. Keep arranging events.
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