Followers and Quest

Akira Okihu on a blog, discusses the quest for followers. Maybe I am late in replying to this piece on “quest for followers” but it is something, the topic, which so many of us are in the middle of these days. It isn’t really meeting others in person, but one is developing an audience at this level. I realize there are pros and cons to the entire concept of “social media” – whether it’s real, or a business, or even safe. I recall too in the mid 2000s years, that print journalists were complaining, in articles, about the bloggers in the blogisphere, when they were unhappy with the content of the blogs. There was outrage over the blogger not being “vetted” or having “credentials” to be quoted or voice their opinion. I know this gets away from the “artist” and creative writers, but there was a phenomenon of sorts to it all. Broadcast journalists were quoting bloggers “on the air.” Then they were quoting tweets. There was an evolution to it all that is currently still going on. Traditional print publishers wanting their prospective authors to have “platform” now include “followers” as an integral calculation. There are a lot of voices out there. I have no idea where it is all going, Yes, I am clicking “Follow” at the top of Akira Okihu’s page. Read the whole piece at:
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