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It’s hard to not be aware of the content on either Facebook or Twiiter, as it’s sort of “in one’s face” – as the cliché goes. Also the ATT-Yahoo main news pages, as with others like the drudge site, has the list of what is “trending” at the moment. I know a lot of that is “news” content, and so how does that affect marketing trends? I may be late to understanding a lot about how the digital world works. There is a good discussion on that in Brad Thor’s past previous publication “Black List.” It is also a reason why the NSA and IRS news of late is not really a new item to many in government, publication and digital media minded types.
Related to the trends issue was an item I came across from a friend’s post this morning. The general question was about whether today’s youth really understands the difference between dependence on government healthcare versus the freedom of the marketplace in medicine or other business. Then there was the reference link which was given when I asked for the reference to accompany that post, which I thought was more interesting about the social media subject, and youth trends. Keeping this preamble short, check out this link and piece by Ellis Hamburger. Dated March 1, I still found it timely:
A lot going on and as usual, each new turn raises more questions.

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