Writer Promotions

This is going to be a double referral to two authors’ writer blogs. One is Sunny Frazier who referred others to Anne R. Allen. I make no excuses for any of my own “past shameless” self promotions. Some of the successes I’ve learned on my own by accident. More truthfully, at some point, I owe any success in this author promotion field, to Sunny Frazier. She is a tireless champion of and for all of us trying to promote “our brand” whether in a blog, ebook, or in paper print authorship. See her page at:
Referred by Sunny, Anne R. Allen’s blog is at:
There is much here for anyone trying to get ahead in the publications world. But, just as important, is the fact that in anyone’s profession, job or position, you are always projecting an image of what your own “brand” is. Anne R. Allen’s blog can apply to so many, not just authors.
In Anne’s blog, on this subject, she begins with the discussion that “your name is your brand.” And, that we like and remember much of who we like by their author name. And she gave examples. One of my own likes is Michael Connelly, his name is on top of the book cover and larger than the title. And everyone will remember seeing, on the drug store book shelf the popular paperbacks, the authors’ names on most of those books are like that. They are on top and larger.
Timothy J. Desmond
THE DOC, ebook conspiracy thriller novel at
SWIM THE RED RIVER short story at
Tim’s Amazon author page at: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00694KQQO

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