Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation

There was a recent blog on this topic. The site has many provocative and interesting posts. I read this one with interest. You may find it at:

I get the premise and the rational as proposed by having oneself be suspended into that certain state of awareness or unawareness . As with TM, or even Zen, I am not a huge subscriber to the value of it all. I am sure that many may embrace this with wild acclaim. In a clinical setting, such as patients in a long term Intensive Care situation, “sensory deprivation” as such is considered a negative thing for the patient. So I don’t think it is such a healthy idea. I’ve also alluded, in one novel, to the clandestine use of “non-invasive” sensory deprivation in the “breaking down” of prisoners, detainees, or others being interrogated. This was for extracting information. Is that a non-water boarding torture? Either way, if not dangerous, as a misuse, I think it is not healthy. Call me old school. Some new ideas aren’t always good. If you go to that site and check it out, I’d be curious to know your reaction. What do you think?

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