Government Control

The question of whether or not the Affordable Care Act is excessive is continuing to be debated, since first introduced two years ago. Now after Chief Justice John Roberts opinion and his published rational, speaks to the very question of constitutionality of the “Act.” But, that was what was said before, years before.

Here is a question about what may affect writers in this area. If government does it, does that make it legal? And if legal, does that make it not a conspiracy?

Recent letters to editors of newspapers about the “Affordable Care Act” have been commenting on Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion. Two years ago the arguments, pro and con, were based on the “commerce clause” affects. Republicans were,  then and again, criticized for wanting to deny the health care to the less fortunate among us. It was rare if any writer opposed the “The Act” on the basis of “rejecting the premise” of its need.

If we were to inspect the medical system, both nationwide and statewide, we would find that indigent care is paid for, by the various counties and hospitals, and also by Medical, and national Medicaid.  It is also true that certain procedures are denied by insurance coverage and denied by Medicare insurance also. The point is that Medicare and insurance is not free. There are premiums to pay. Medical and Medicaid are not free either. The taxpayers pay those.

Why then was “Affordable Care Act” needed? As others have said, if the cost of health care providers is given as a reason, that problem is not addressed by “The Act.” Consider that if the 1860 – 61 secession of southern states was over the inability of the Federal Union to apply the “Commerce clause” fairly, if at all, to the southern states,  the Federal Union went to war over those very tax issues of their day. Every major constitutional problem and our, since then, modern states’ rights issues comes from that increased Federalization. Where do the states and individuals go now?  

I will address some of those answers to that question later. Maybe after some of you reply and comment.

Timothy J. Desmond
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