Blog delay ……….

Sorry about the last nine days of gap here. On the topic of being overwhelmed ………….


On the subject of being overwhelmed: Yes, this is my problem too, and it really strikes a nerve. One thinks that one is organized, and then BANG. One has to drop all plans. I’ve taken to writing memos to myself on phone “memo app” – as I get blog ideas, and also novel scene thoughts; then later, on reflection, everything I’ve thought of seems so trite. Ages ago, one English/writer instructor lectured about “concentration.” His view was that “concentration” meant “taking breaks” then “getting back to the work” …. the breaks could be days, weeks. But, in the end, his point was “keeping at it.” This was from the late Malcolm Wood, English instructor emeritus California College of Arts & Crafts and UC Berkeley. So, yes, overwhelmed, but trying to stay at it.

The problem is not new, evidently. Samuel Clemens wrote of the problem of newspaper editors.

“How editors can continue this tremendous labor, this exhausting consumption of brain fiber (for their work is creative, and not a mere mechanical laying up of facts, like reporting), day after day, year after year, is incomprehensible.” Mark Twain.

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