Conspiracy continued 2

Bilderberg Group.

On commenting to a blogger friend on this group, it is a good place to continue on the conspiracy discussion. BIlderberg Group meets secretly once a year in order to discuss how to influence or change the world? Since 1954?

Last Monday Mark Davis sitting in for Rush had a caller mention the Bilderberg group and the caller was then immediately disconnected, by Mark with the comment that he does not discuss that. And, in the past, a few years back, Rush had a caller that was expounding on all the Bilderberg connections and supposed control secrecy, and Rush would throw into the conversation one of the other connections, maybe like CFR, and the caller went with it. Rush was facetious the entire time, but letting the fellow talk, yet clearly in the end treating the caller like a kook. So,  I thought it was interesting on two levels: one, Rush was up on all this conspiracy angle as well as Mark Davis; two, neither of them believe any of it, or if they do, do not want have the EIB show reflecting any kookiness of condoning any particular conspiracy. What do you think?

Timothy J. Desmond
THE DOC, ebook conspiracy thriller novel at

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