Writing business


In the writing business end of things, the sales are the last word. And since the ’90s, the e-marketing has evolved, which has also effected changes in print marketing. I don’t think any of this has settled down yet. I think of the online connection Borders had with Amazon, and Borders still went under. To me it was, is, still disturbing to observe these market trends, anti-trends of whatever is going on. The most difficult thing for writers is what has always been difficult. That is, trying to create a new and different story that connects with an agent or editor and then to a larger audience. A lot of writers know what they like in their own writing and reading world, and try to emulate other’s work they like. This is like a top forties local band, very accomplished and entertaining at playing other’s hit tunes. They aren’t writing and singing their own songs, even as accomplished as they are, and they are not going to get a recording contract. This can be the same analogy for graphic artists too. The hardest thing is to create new and different music, stories, art. These things are going to apply to the blog-i-sphere and e-markets too. What do you think?

Timothy J. Desmond
THE DOC, ebook conspiracy thriller novel at

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