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Checked out the “art profiles” site posted by Anna Hergert here, a WordPress site. I really appreciated that and the other art things. Don’t get me wrong, but, as much as I like working on the writing my wife tells me I should do more art. Here is the thing that I think is great about the art websites: It’s like being able to go to a gallery at one’s fingertips. Seeing new art at a gallery is an inspiring thing. Yes you see some work that one doesn’t quite “get” or like. But, it is really good when you see something you appreciate. Too, the web writer’s sites are like that for me too. I tried to explain this a year or two ago. Going to bookstores and libraries was like that for me too. Finding and reading someone “new” to you or one’s self was exciting to me as well. And you sometimes read someone that does not appeal to your own senses.  So what. It’s great being able to do that. This is the first time I’ve commented here in a while ….. well, a few days or weeks. That’s because I’ve been bogged down making a book trailer for my ebook. Yes.  I’ve been shooting clips with my smart phone and editing on quicktime player. Fascinating.

Timothy J. Desmond
THE DOC, ebook conspiracy thriller novel at

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