Conspiracy [again]


I probably have not really known or appreciated how many theories there are. I feel rather humble, on further research, on my not realizing just how much has been written on this topic. To be sure, one theory or another has been the basis of more than one of my short stories, and in a general way, the premise of THE DOC novel. I think everyone can come up with at least one movie and book about one theory. And that brings us to an important consideration. That is that a conspiracy, any conspiracy, whether theory or true, is a wholly entertaining and natural mystery. To me the operative word is “entertaining.”

In movies, the ones which come to mind are JFK, Conspiracy Theory, National Treasure.

The books are innumerable both in non-fiction and fiction. Then there are the writers and authors who are also writing on this same topic in broader terms. I recently read one such article, which entertained a brief explanation why people believe certain theories. In this an example of early 1950s UFOs and the Roswell phenomena were discussed. The writer suggested that it evolved into a mass hysteria with some folks, who were willing to believe that the late 1940s government explanations were false. All of this becomes confused or the notions compounded by the differences in conspiracies being either theory or true. This choice brings us to the crux of the matter. Some theories I found that I had never heard of.  Others are ones we all have some idea about. But deciding which is theory and which is true may be where there is that personal opinion which is unique to each of us. If I continue this in a series of sorts, we could cover what some consider some of the least known conspiracies. These would be whether theory or true notwithstanding. More later.

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